Conservation & Historic

Historic buildings play an important part in providing a link with the past. Old, characterful buildings can make interesting places for homes, for businesses, as well as for an infinite variety of uses such as offices, visitor centres, as well as primary care facilities. The challenge is to work with the existing fabric and structure of the building to create unique and interesting spaces which are respectful of the past, but at the same time provide contemporary environments in which to live, work or simply enjoy.

We have completed a large number of projects across Manchester, Bolton and Bury involving both listed and historic buildings to create interesting and challenging schemes. Our team of architects have a vast experience of working with local authorities and conservation officers to enhance or convert listed buildings so that they can be re-used and retained for the benefit of future generations to come. We enjoy the challenge of working with such buildings where existing, historic fabric can be transposed through careful and sensitive design to create contemporary environments suitable for all kinds of users.

There are times when you need to preserve historic fabric and times when you need to be bold and introduce modern architecture elements into original structures. We can advise you on how to work with historic buildings and with conservation offices to achieve the most appropriate design solutions.