Residential Developments

ur homes are one of the most important spaces that we inhabit and is the one environment where you can really relax and enjoy the time away from work and other areas of your life. The design of a new home, or an extended part of your house, is paramount and so we make sure that we take particular care to ensure that the quality and sense of space is just right and the design is suited to your own individual requirements. We do this by working closely with our clients, which is backed up by the provision of carefully considered design solutions, followed by the highest quality tender and construction information – to ensure that the completed project achieves or exceeds your requirements while ensuring that we work within your budget at all times.

Equilibrium Architects have successfully designed a large number of high quality bespoke homes which have been carefully crafted to respond to the parameters of the site and the client’s own requirements both in terms of functionality and spatial needs.

Designing a new home or extension allows you to embrace your dream and we will work with you to develop interesting concepts which can be worked through to achieve high quality completed homes. We understand that building your home can be very stressful, however, with our experience we can help make the creation of your new home an enjoyable experience.

Everyone has a budget that they want to work within and we fully appreciate that cost constraints are an important factor in any project, particularly the provision of your new house.

We treat clients who require extensions to their homes just as importantly as those who require new, individually designed houses. We will help create interesting spaces and exploit the existing potential of your house to create additions that provide added value.

If you live in an older property and wish to keep original features, we also offer a conservation service to help you restore the original architecture in your home.